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Ticwatch Pro 3


Through a series of strict procedures established by our experienced engineers, your phones are examined by many high-tech technicians and machines. That’s why we can productively sell a lot of refurbished phones. We aim for a higher standard than Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) for our reconditioned products to create a new level and even a new brand. We would say we build AAA grade for our loyal customers. Using original manufacturer parts is our key. This is also a reason why our phone is a little higher than the others claiming their so called Category A products. To strike a balance and a bargain price, we have tested and obtained statistics proving that the accessories original can be replaced by generic accessories. You cannot find the same quality with this good price in the market because we make the phones ourselves.

Our engineers and sourcing team work so hard on behalf of all of our customers with a great used phone path. You no longer have to waste time comparing what kind of used phones you need, because we can merge them into a standard by upgrading the smartphone to be like new.

You can buy refurbished phone from us with cheaper price and happier shopping.